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Blogging can certainly offer benefits like the ability to speak your mind about topics you’re passionate about, and make some money too. However, there are other blogging advantages that can come about because of your decision to become a blogger.

Relationship Building Potential

As you begin to fill your blog with content, you’ll likely begin to form connections with readers who share your interests, or are at least willing to consider your perspectives. As time passes and people begin to respect your viewpoints, that can help you create and strengthen relationships with loyal readers and fellow bloggers in your niche. Eventually, it could translate into an opportunity to be a guest blogger or answer a few burning questions from curious readers.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Algorithm updates to major search engines like Google now are geared towards rewarding people who produce high-quality, useful content. By polishing your craft and working hard to write posts that excite readers, you could notice your blog begins climbing in search engine listings at the same time. It’s a good idea to do things like use keywords in your headings and title, but you may be surprised at the good results that could come from merely writing things people want to read.

Fresh Content for Your Social Media Feeds

If you’ve ever been envious of people who always seem to have social media feeds filled with content that’s on-point and well written, realise you could join them. Alerting your social media followers about new blog content has two perks: First, it promotes your blog because it could potentially bring new readers who were once only social media followers.

Also, it keeps people coming back to your social media feeds regularly to check out what’s new. Don’t rob yourself of potential by having a social media profile that has all the basic parts filled out, but doesn’t include any recent information.

Possibilities for Personal Growth

Blogging can also encourage you to look inside yourself and find confidence to discuss things that you might not feel comfortable talking about otherwise. Eventually, having a platform to reveal your hopes, plans and views could help you do more with your life and realise aspirations that have been ignored for many years.

When you’re ready to try your hand at blogging, keep in mind you’ll get benefits back that are equal to the amount of effort you put in. The advantages above are just a few you might enjoy even after publishing just a few posts and the blogging benefits could soon begin to translate to financial rewards as well as the rewards listed above.

Sean Rasmussen is the co-founder of Learn How To Blog and has been a full time internet marketer and blogger since 2005.

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