Beginners Guide to Blogging How to Build a Blog and Earn Money Blogging

The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging is a step-by-step guide intended for the beginner, someone who does not know the difference between a domain registrar and a registrant yet, an ISP from a hosting company or a widget from a plugin.

This guide is written in simple, non-technical terms and takes the reader from the very first step – deciding what to blog about through the setup, layout, tweaking and finally acquiring the affiliate relationships that can create income for the blogger.

Blogging has evolved slowly but steadily over the last two decades to become a very reliable way to create a steady means of income for many writers. While maintaining a blog can be a source of income, a blog can also be used to generate interest and more visitors to a web site.

Combining a website, a blog and social media can produce the ultimate goal for an Internet presence – visitors, otherwise known as traffic. A blog or a website without traffic is like a retail store with no customers. Whether you blog for income, pleasure or to boost your web site, traffic is your goal!

Here are the steps which will be detailed in this guide:

Part One – Your Domain

  • Define your goals, your site, your topic, your niche
  • Select your domain name
  • Purchase your domain name

Part Two – Your Space

  • Purchase a hosting site, plan
  • Select your platform
  • Install the platform on your hosting site

Part Three – Your Blog

  • Select a template for your blog
  • Tweak your template

Part Four – Your Income

  • Apply for affiliate relationships
  • Develop social relationships
  • Write, write, write!

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